Trying to be productive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. A multidisciplinary maker, digital fabricator and once upon a time technologist. Mostly these days I design, make, produce and manufacture things ranging from product prototypes to custom one off items. I also make the CNC machines I make the stuff with.

A few core competencies and or hobbies:
Working on getting an Industry 4.0 concept up and going. -
I Make Stuff at PEV Labs. -
Industrial Design / Product Design. I sell my stuff here under the moniker Not Sucky. -
I design and fabricate electric guitars for Angry Mutant. -
I design and fabricate urban mobility devices for Urbmo. -
I invented the Dorkpod so do I win? -
Most of my world revolves around my CNC machine.
When I am not making stuff I am usually available for a locally brewed coffee or dark beer. Hit me up if you want to treat me to some.

Brian Williford at IX Art Park
Brian Williford: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charlottesville VA