I am Brian, an alternative thinker, maker, imagineer.
I conceive, create, produce original ideas.
I design, develop, build, fabricate.
I am here to be productive.

From an hour of consultancy to a full year lock in.

Call 434.242.9092 to open a discussion about you. :)

Creative Technologist for Hire or Cheese Plate Consumption

Hello, I am Brain Williford - a multidisciplinary creative and technologist. For two decades I have been a developer of many mediums such as web developer, mobile developer, application developer and Joomla developer. I am well versed in information architecture, front and back end methodologies. i can contributed towards your project with skills ranging from creating a business model road map, tech stack requirements, design. I have conceptualized, raised capitol and built start-ups. I also can just stop by and offer an hour of consultation or through you up a micro site in a day. I am a creative for hire.

My creative studio is a log cabin on the side of the mountain just on the edge of lovely Charlottesville VA. I also have a desk in NYC. I am willing to stop at any location the Amtrak has a stop between Virginia and NYC such as DC, Maryland or Pennsylvania.

A few core competencies:

  • Conceptualizing and creating start-ups
  • Architecting, developing platforms or services
  • Developing applications or data driven website
  • Mobile platforms, mobile websites and iOS native objective-C mobile apps

When I am not twiddling and API of some sort I can be found in my wood shop making furniture, in my recording studio composing music or serving a cheese plate by the wood stove or local techies that crash the cabin for mind share.