Web Development :: Produce, Design & Develop CMS Based Sites

I have been building websites since 1993, shortly after the first web browser Mosaic was released. This provides me with expertise in almost all facets for web development. From concept, creation to SEO and other post launch services I can provide them all.

Since the begging of the document based internet HTML tables come  gone, and be replaced by CSS. Rigid designs became fluid and now responsive. JavaScript has become a backbone for manipulating the Document Model adding smooth persistent connectivity to a web app. API's have opened up joining data across systems and now the interfacing to the mobile revolution. It has been like holding on to the tail of the dragon day after day!

I enjoy designing and developing all aspects of Web Development. Planning out a project scope, finding creative solutions to tough business problems, writing and RFP, then a bit of graphic design and a lot of coding. Most of my projects are CMS based. I am a big Joomla fan but will gladly develop a project for Drupal, Expression Engine and if my arm is twisted enough on Wordpress. Joomla offers these great advantages for building custom applications onto a Content Management System.

  • Joomla is the only CMS with a non-linear ACL. In layman's terms the admin permissions are super flexible. For example staff member could be the super admin for content creation on a blog while only being an author for content creation in the financial reports section. This is a great feature for a large association or corporation.
  • Joomla entire internal API is based on userID's and comes complete with front end user login. This is very important when building a community, e-commerce or member based website. Having the userID allows for installing new components or building custom components that will all bind information to a particular user based on his/her user permission settings.
  • Joomla has a robust well document internal API that connections the core system to data in any third party component of custom component.

Beyond the foundation of a good Content Management system a website should be engaging and interactive. The old days of simply broadcasting your message no longer resonates with today's consumers or businesses. It takes a creative type to architect compelling ways to communicate with the web user. Once the messaging has been worked and the user experience defined out this must be translated into a friendly and unique user interface. The interface should present content choices in ways the user can flow through effortlessly. Then all this must be represented visually with compelling graphic design. Another aspect of the website template that should be considered are responsive design for multiple devices such as mobile or tablets.

After a lovely and sparkly website designed has been achieved other functionality may follow. Are you selling something, need e-commerce, mobile commerce? How about a client billing system complete with automated reminders. Everybody needs a decent gallery these days to show off visuals of your products or services. So much can be achieved today cost effectively.

For backend development I typically work in a traditional LAMP stack. Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP. This offers a fairly secure and responsive server environment for both development and deployment.

Front end development ranges depending on needs. HTML5 and CSS3 are a good foundation of any new web based project. There are a plethora of JavaScript libraries that can add flair or functionality. jQuery is a favorite of mine. Real time interactive animations, charting and other display features can be created using these new methods without the need for Flash. This makes your project mobile capable.